Unscented Whipped Body Butter

Unscented Whipped Body Butter

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This 8 oz whipped body butter will moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.  

Our whipped body butters are made to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. It has a light fluffy texture that you will INSTANTLY fall in love with. When you use it, it will  glide onto your skin so effortlessly without leaving behind a greasy residue.  

Kick your lotion to the curve, because you won't be needing it anymore once you experience the benefits our body butter has on the skin.

How will a body butter benefit me? 

  • No more dry skin. Your skin will stay moisturized throughout the day. 
  • Reveal that soft, smooth skin with some TLC. 
  • Cocoa Butter is one of the ingredients that we use which can help with stretch marks. 
  • Relieve dryness, rough patches and eczema.

Scent Note: Unscented 

How to use: After a shower, Grab a pea size amount of body butter and rub onto your skin while your skin is still damp. A little bit goes a LONG way. Apply as needed.

So what you waiting for? Get your whipped body butter today and treat yourself to moisturized and rejuvenated skin. 


Read in detail about the benefits of our skin care products. 

Ingredients: Shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil

* If shipped during warmer weather, this product may melt. Body butters have a low melting point. Please keep checking your tracking number to ensure you retrieve your package quickly. We do not offer any refunds or replacements for products that may have melted.